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Last Updated: 17. July 2022

At what point do you come into the Roberts family?

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1832 - Gray Stock Roberts (KJPC-NM7) married 1837 - Mary Ann Meeks (KFKM-5MG) they had the following children:

1854 - Georgia Ann Roberts (L7J3-KDN) married Stafford D. Davis they had the following children:

Eliza Ann Davis:

Henry C. Davis:

Joel G. Davis:

Homer Davis:

Mary Ann Elvira Davis:

Lula Euvenia Davis:

Robert Lee Davis:

Baby Boy Davis: 1900 - 1900

1855 - Eliza Ann Roberts (LH6B-RWD) married Samuel Joseph Lee they had the following children:

Samuel Sellars Lee:

Lulu M. Lee:

Ida Marie Lee:

Courtney Lee:

Dora Lee:

Georgia Belle Lee:

Joseph Christopher Lee:

Carrie Lee

Cassie Lee:

Maryan Lee:

Emmet Lee:

Emory Lee:

1857 - John Archie Roberts (K6MS-7HT) married Barbra Denton they had the following children:

Thomas Gray Roberts:

Minnie Lee Roberts:

Charles Wesley Roberts:

John Ivey Roberts:

William H. Roberts:

Archie Roberts:

Barbara Etta Roberts:

Abbie Lee Roberts:

Mintie Roberts:

Reba Roberts:

Ruby Lee Roberts:

Emmett Edward Roberts:

Albert Sidney Roberts:

1859 - Sarah Ann Roberts (L4TF-NDG) married Reubin W. Taylor they had the following children:

Andrew L. Taylor:

James W. Taylor:

Victoria Taylor:

Jesse E. Taylor:

Millender Taylor:

Joseph G. Taylor:

Ira Taylor:

Alex Taylor:

Minnie L. Taylor:

1862 - Jesse Roberts (L71S-H5T) : Died Young? At this point I find no marriage or children.