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Last Updated: 17. July 2022

At what point do you come into the Pugh family?

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1818 - William Walter Pugh (K4X3-CRF) married 1824 - Frances Irene Meeks (K4X3-CRF) they had the following children:

1847 - Martha Ann Pugh (LC3G-M6N) married Thomas Jefferson Whatley they had the following children:

Sarah Irene Whatley:

Mary E. Whatley:

Mittie Whatley:

James Benjamin Whatley:

Charles Hubert Whatley:

Michael Monroe Whatley:

Robert Lee Whatley:

William Walter Whatley:

Martha Ann Whatley:

1848 - James Shadrick Pugh (LHQJ-HZZ) married Susan Graham they had the following children:

Mary Eliza Pugh:

Benjamin Walter Pugh:

Clara Eugenia Pugh:

Sarah Williett Pugh:

Candace Leona Pugh:

Roscoe Conkling Pugh:

Susan Irene Pugh:

James Garfield Pugh:

Charles Roy Pugh:

George Anson Pugh:

Virgie Sultana Pugh:

Lucy Rufina Pugh:

Baby Boy Pugh: 1893 – 1899

1849 - I. F. Pugh (GH2V-HLL) :

1849 - Amazonia Brazil Pugh (9WR5-N6D) married James David Hendry they had the following children:

Walter Lee Hendry:

Florence Hendry:

William David Hendry:

Emma Hendry:

Albert Hendry:

Alba Hendry:

James Dulmer Hendry:

Byron Hendry:

Ella Mae Hendry:

Esmarada Hendry:

John Grady Hendry:

1855 - Thomas Jefferson Pugh (9WR5-NZP) married Mary Ann Elizabeth Downs they had the following children:

Allen Whitman Pugh:

James Napoleon Pugh:

William Marcus Pugh:

Wiley Everett Pugh:

Susie Frances Pugh:

Elbert Reese Pugh:

Thomas Rivers Pugh:

Samuel Jefferson Pugh:

1855 - Elizabeth Penelope Pugh (K4L6-DKT) married James Sheridan Whatley they had the following children:

Alabama Whatley:

Marshall Ryon Whatley:

Anenia Whatley:

Ethel Lee Whatley:

Addie Whatley:

Charles Elmo Whatley:

Lenuel E. Whatley:

1860 - Sarah Jane Pugh (8WR5-NXC) :