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Last Updated: 17. July 2022

At what point do you come into the McKinnon family?

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1804 - James Malcolm McKinnon (L4J3-FBM) married 1828 - Louisa Meeks (LYT9-5GH) they had the following children:

Narcissus McKinnon:

Elizabeth McKinnon married William R. Cato they had the following children:

Benjamin Frank Cato:

Lawrence Cato:

Louisa McKinnon (GW4S-X65) :

Scott Wakefield McKinnon married Abagail Taft they had the following children:

Charles McKinnon:

Nancy Louisa McKinnon:

James Daniel McKinnon:

Frank McKinnon:

Scott K. McKinnon:

Loanzie McKinnon:

Olive McKinnon:

Lester McKinnon:

Archie A. McKinnon:

Lucius McKinnon:

Abbie G. McKinnon:

Jenetta N. McKinnon:

Sylvester Virgil McKinnon:

Herschel McKinnon:

Georgia Ann McKinnon:

Franklin Bartow McKinnon married Rena Priscilla Cole they had the following children:

Sidney McKinnon:

Maude McKinnon:

Archey McKinnon:

Avera McKinnon:

Julian McKinnon:

Miriam McKinnon:

Forest B. McKinnon:

Carrie McKinnon:

Emma Lee McKinnon:

Quincey McKinnon:

Beulah McKinnon: