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At what point do you come into the Meeks family?

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Joseph Charles Lemont Sr. married Josephine Deruy they had the following children:

Josephine Lemont:

Joseph Charles Lemont Jr.

Toussaint Lloyd Lemont married Callie Eiva McAlister they had the following children:


Tom Lloyd Lemont married Dorthy Ann Files they had the following children:


Kevin Lloyd Lemont:

Lucy Bear (Deborah Ione Lemont and Dennis Albert Santora had the following Child:


Nicole Leigh Meeks:


Alexander Rorie Meeks: (Life awaits his dreams.)


Nicole Leigh Meeks married to Giavon Browning they had the following children:


Gabriel Obrien Browning:

Hayden Ryan Browning:

Lucy Bear (Deborah Ione Lemont married Timothy Rorie Meeks they had the following Child:

Tomi Dale Meeks:

At this point he is not married and has no children.


Ernest Lemont


Jerry Lemont


Kathryn Lemont