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At what point do you come into the Meeks family? 1867

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Josiah Cothern married Emma Quinn they had the following child:


Ezekiel Bartillary Cothern married Jemima Smith they had the following children:


John D. Cothern:


Mary Ann Cothern:


Elizabeth Cothern:


William Jasper Cothern:


Sarah Ann Cothern:


Greene Wesley Cothern Sr.


1867 Marion T. Cothern married Mary Ann Meeks they had the following children:


Redding G. Cothern:



John A. Cothern:



Ezekiel Jefferson Cothern:



Marian M. Cothern:



Monroe Cothern:



Susan Cothern:



Marion M. Cothern:


Berrien Hampton Cothern: